Saturday, July 11, 2009

Late Leaving

We left for the beach from Richmond today. We left Richmond really late and didn't even get to the beach until almost 10 at night. We did stop for food along the way and Ginger was okay with us stopping at Pierce's bar-b-que for the first time since we found out about Catherine's food peanut allergies. It was really good. I had forgotten how much I missed eating it. Mind you, the kids were eating food from McDonalds, but I got got to eat Pierce's. Not too long after that we got to travel through the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge-Tunnel on I-664. See the video above and you too can experience the thrill of going through the tunnel also as narrated by Quinn. I did manage to miss a turn onto the Southern Shores bypass not too long after the tunnel and had to travel through the second tunnel in Norfolk before we could head south again. (I blame it on the fact that it was dark and we normally go through that area in the light).

And since we always take a picture of us crossing into North Carolina we tried to do that again. It's up above, but as you can see it didn't exactly come out (taking pictures in low to no light with the small hand held camera just doesn't work). Needless to say the rental company had been closed for a while by the time we actually arrived and we picked up the keys at the after hours box. Ginger mentioned that we weren't the last ones and that at least a couple other groups hadn't picked up their keys yet either.

Once we got to the house we tried to get the kid's rooms setup so we could get them to bed since it was so far past their normal bedtime. I also managed to break Ginger's ultra expensive espresso maker when I was unloading the car. It shattered one of the ceramic cups and luckily it only chipped the top of the water container (which meant it was still usable at least).

Ginger then sent me out to Harris Teeter to pick up a few groceries so we would have something to eat the next day. Luckily Harris Teeter is open 24 hours. Unluckily Harris Teeter is like one of the most expensive grocery stores I've ever been in.

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