Saturday, July 18, 2009

Local Beach

We went to the local beach today. There's public access and parking just down the street from the house we're staying. We're probably a mile away from the ocean beach, one of the consequences of choosing a house based on price, but it's not that much trouble to drive over and if you get there early there's ample parking. Sadly though the waves were a bit rougher today and the water was much colder also. I'm hoping we eventually get another day like Thursday, but not sure if we will.

Most the pictures from the beach today were taken by Quinn. He originally just wanted the camera to take a picture of his track he built (which has a man made valley road complete with a shoe bridge). But then he just started taking pictures of everything.

Then it was back home and to the pool in the afternoon. The pool was significantly more crowded that normal. That's not to say it was actually crowded, but just that there were a lot more people there than normal. I attribute this to the fact that it was Saturday and the first day for a lot of people's vacation.

If I had any doubts he was my son this type of behavior pretty much dispels them.

As always though, the big attraction at the pool is the water slide.

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