Friday, July 24, 2009


Today we said goodbye to Ginger's grandmother. I was a bit surprised, but during the service the kids started crying. I should have realized from the day before that Quinn was going to react this way, but for some reason I wasn't expecting it. By the time we got to the graveyard service they seemed fine for the most part.

I guess kids are pretty resilient. They seemed to have bounced back fully by the time we got back to the church for the reception. Catherine got to hang out with her cousin Maddie. Quinn hung out a lot with my Mom. I'm not sure I had ever Quinn wearing a tie before. I feel like he must have worn one at some point, but I just don't recall when it was.

I kept busy by taking some pictures of the flowers. Given how many flowers there were that gave me plenty to do.

After the reception we briefly returned to graveyard and then returned home after that.

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gaz said...

what a lovely tribute the last few posts have been.
i'm sorry for your family's loss.