Saturday, July 04, 2009


As happens every year in our neighborhood we had a mini 4th of July "parade". Ken and Amanda came over just for the parade and left not too long after that. I typically try and take a mini movie of the parade with the hand held camera, but this year I was unable to locate it (possibly because it was so cleverly hidden inside the pouch of my camera bag, why would I ever look for it there).

As in year's past this year they had a fire truck and an ambulance show up and all the kids lined up behind them waiting for the start.

This year was a bit different from previous years in that in prior years the kids would normally ride in between the two with the ambulance bringing up the rear (and as a by product of the slower kids taking two to three times as long to make it through the neighborhood). Quinn was up near the front the entire time.

Because I didn't have (or didn't know I had) the small hand held camera, all the pictures I have are were with my D200. This meant as I was riding in the group with all the kids I'm holding my camera up trying to take pictures at the same time as I'm biking. Frankly I feel lucky I got as many shots that came out as I did. I'm also really lucky I didn't wreck or otherwise drop the camera and break it.

Ginger was riding the parade also. As you can see, without the ambulance bringing up the rear it's really hard to tell where the "end" of the parade is. It's more a couple kids riding right behind the emergency vehicles and then a lot of stragglers. Not that I'm referring to Ginger as a straggler.

Afterward we stopped by a local park for a bit, then it was back home for some ice cream (since Catherine couldn't have a Popsicle after the parade since Ginger didn't know if they were safe).

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