Sunday, July 12, 2009

Easing Into It

I slept in while everyone else got up pretty early. How the kids are able to get up as early as they do when they got to bed so late last night is completely beyond me. While I was sleeping Ginger and the kids went on a walk around the area. They claim they located a good place to take sunset pictures. It's up some old wobbly structure. Ginger snapped a shot of the view with her iPhone while they were there. I'm not sure it's going to produce shots that are as dramatic as some of the ones I've managed to get in other locations here in the past, but we'll see.

We didn't go out to the actual beach today since the kids insisted they wanted to visit the mini water park that's available in the neighborhood we're staying in.

The kids really enjoyed the water park, but my personal opinion was the water was a bit cold, at least when you first got in.

Since we're so close to the Wright Brothers Memorial there are a bunch of flybys that happen. I heard some people talking explaining how helicopter pilots use the Memorial as a landmark and then fly west from here to a base across the sound.

And then after the water park Ginger insisted everyone needed a nap (and she was right, the lack of sleep had the kids on edge).

Then it was off to various local stores looking for some Lego's for Quinn to purchase (he never found anything he wanted except some $92 Lego Star Wars ship at Wal-Mart that was much more than he had to spend). And then it was some more grocery shopping a trip to Rita's Ice.

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