Thursday, September 25, 2008

Somehow, Things Get Worse

So John McCain suspends his campaign to deal with the bailout issue. Ticks off Letterman in the process. Doesn't even leave for Washington until the next day when there's already a deal on the bailout, but after McCain finally shows up, the Republicans decide there isn't a deal after all because
...Republicans revolted, in part, because they were chafing at what they saw as an attempt by Democrats to jam through an agreement on the bailout early Thursday and deny Mr. McCain an opportunity to participate in the agreement.

That quote is from an aide to House Republican leader, John A. Boehner. Are you kidding me? McCain takes his sweet time before actually leaving for Washington and therefore doesn't get his photo-op to make it look like he single handedly averted the financial crisis so the Republicans decide to take their ball and go home? Are they serious? Actually I don't mind them taking a little more time to get the deal right. But I want them taking the extra time for the right reason and not because they're trying to make McCain look like he understands the economy when clearly he doesn't. And before anyone gets on my case about that statement I don't quite understand when it became such a big deal to have to be a guru about everything. I honestly don't see what's so wrong about admitting to not knowing everything about the economy as long as you have access to people that do. Not everyone is Alan Greenspan and I don't think you want everyone to be.

Okay, before I burst a blood vessel or something, let's switch subjects to something more palatable. I took a couple shots of the kids tonight. I think the one of Catherine turned out better than the one of Quinn (mainly because even after I made Quinn wash his face he still had leftover dinner on his mouth it appears).


gaz said...

it makes me laugh how dumb they think we all are, that we can't see how transparent they are. they haven't a clue!
we're in the same boat over here with regard to 'the credit crunch'. house prices bombing, food and fuel prices rocketing, businesses folding.
there's an old saying/curse - "may you live in interesting times."
... for sure, these are intersting times.

JamesF said...

I had no idea things were that bad over there also. I don't think I've heard anything how things are in England in the news, which just means all the news agencies I suppose are focusing only on things closer to home.

Interesting times for sure...

wtfree3 said...

Actually, European banks are feeling the effects, too. Northern Rock was actually the first significant Western bank to have a run and get nationalized (I think it went that far) back in 2007. There are several other large European conglomerates (like UBS) that are choking on bad US financial products, too, and at risk. This is yet another reason why a bailout is necessary, as this is not just a US contagion. It truly has global implications. (And another reason why I think we're far from out of the woods yet.)