Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lowkey Sunday

Turns out Quinn is staying in Richmond to attend the races on Sunday night. Which means at the end of Monday he will have missed 50% of school days so far. So much for getting perfect attendance. Meanwhile back here we got to entertain Catherine for the day. We started out going to breakfast at McDonald's, and the did some minor shopping taking the time to stop by Petsmart at Catherine's request. She loves going in and looking at the animals. The cats, the gerbils, hamsters and fish. It's like a poor imitation of a zoo trip that you can do in about half an hour. And apparently getting having birds as a hobby is expensive since the bird above was listed as being $100.

I need to do something to get her more motivated to go outside. As it is now all she wants to do is hang out inside and read books and to play with her dolls. And somehow she manages to convince me to play also. And then next thing you know I'm doing it wrong because I have Polly Pocket decide to clubbing. It's like there are some unwritten rules or something when you play dolls and no one bothers to tell me what they are. All I know is I keep getting told I'm playing wrong and it's starting to stifle my creativity. As for reading books I have to admit Catherine's doing fantastic at reading. She's been reading through the old Dick and Jane books and doing really well. In fact she's much further along than Quinn was at her age. And that's not to say Quinn isn't doing well nowadays, but a couple of years ago it was a real struggle to get him to want to read. Now he constantly amazes me when we're driving by reading me signs.

We grilled out tonight since there are going to be fewer and fewer opportunities to do so over the next couple of months. I was finally able to convince Catherine to at least come out on the deck with me while I grilled. She decided instead of actually helping me that she could be more productive blowing bubbles. Then I decided I would have more fun photographing her than paying attention to the grill. Luckily nothing burned and it turned out to be rather tasty if I saw so myself.


gaz said...

polly pocket clubbing. i like it.
that's the kind of thing i like to introduce to games.
this w/e i was playing with the boys star wars figures. josh has a 2cm darth vader that fits in a tie fighter, and a 5inch action figure vader. they were trying to have a serious game of star wars with han solo in the carbon freezing process...
i kept using the mini darth as big darth's kid moaning about not being able to go to the park!
it really started winding them up.

Willy C said...

that bird is awesome...