Sunday, September 28, 2008

Batman Goes Lego

Quinn's been a bit under the weather for the past couple days. So today we tried to have him take it easy. I'm kind of surprised we made it this far into the school year before he actually brought home something. The only good news from all this meant we got to play a lot of video games (Quinn did have to eat peaches and some cheese tortellini in order to earn the right to play). Our newest addition to the Wii is the Lego Batman Video Game. I really like the Lego series of games. They're fun to play in coop, and they're not so hard that Quinn gets frustrated with it. There are times where it feels almost impossible to tell how to proceed in the games, but other than that small flaw most of the Lego games are a lot of fun and even Catherine and Ginger enjoy watching us play. Okay, so Ginger enjoyed "watching us" by taking a nap while when Quinn and I were playing (and she was in the room with us too). Lots of times Catherine or Ginger (if she's awake) will actually see something that Quinn or I missed when playing, so it's good to have the extra eyes.

Since Catherine doesn't want to actually play the video games, for some of the time when we were playing she was painting with her watercolors. It's nowhere near as good as Will just yet, but maybe one day.

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