Friday, September 05, 2008

Catherine's Day

After an entire two days of school (which were really only half days) Quinn has already missed his first day of school. On Thursday after school Quinn was off to Richmond. The tentative plan was for him to go to the race down there on Friday night. I say tentative since we all knew hurricane Hana was on the way and its predicted path put it hitting about the time of the race. The race ended up getting canceled but Quinn still got to do some stuff at the track beforehand. And on Friday he also got to visit a factory to see a pill sorting warehouse. It's unclear at this point when he'll be coming back home (because at this point it's unknown whether they're going to try to see the make up race on Sunday).

Meanwhile we've had Catherine here all to ourselves. Ginger said she was more than a little sad to leave Quinn on Thursday. But after all the special time with just her that she's gotten she seems to be okay with the idea now. Friday morning she got to go to breakfast with just Ginger (I was told I couldn't go when I asked if I could go too). Ginger also took her by a toy store and then on Friday night we all went to PF Chang's for dinner (which Catherine picked the restaurant).

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