Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Extracurricular Art

The kids have started an art class after school on Tuesdays. This means everyday of the week after school they have some form of extracurricular activity now. Today was the first day of the class and I've including a sampling of their output. Above we have Quinn's drawing of "coconuts" as he called them (the rest of us would call them pineapples).

I think Catherine's Catherine's drawing above is suppose to be a pineapple also. I only saw one painted picture from both of them. When asked they both expressed that they really liked the art class. My favorite quote from Catherine about her art class was "Paper is made from trees. And if you use an eraser on paper you're erasing trees." Well said. It's good that Quinn likes the class since initially he was only going to go because he didn't want Catherine to feel alone (there are times that he can really surprise me by showing empathy).

Quinn also had lots and lots of sketches. He seemed to draw the rollerskating guy a lot and he explained to me that he was able to draw it by continuously drawing and never picking his pencil up from the paper. After he said that I could see how parts were drawn that indeed he been moving forwards continuously (it's like one of those puzzles). He also explained that the vase he drew above has a ghost and a bat on it. I guess someone's thinking about Halloween.

So if you remember Quinn wasn't feeling too well over the weekend. Turns out that he managed to pass whatever it was he had onto me. So yesterday and today I've had a pretty bad sore throat.

I guess I'm not completely convinced it is what Quinn had and it could just be some form of allergic reaction to pollen. I vaguely remember having similar issues last year around this time, but the timing is pretty suspicious and it's more than likely a bug / virus. I suppose it could be a little from column A and a little from column B.

All this drawing the kids are doing has made me want to go through my old stuff and find my sketchbook from high school. This means sifting through boxes and boxes of stuff we've still never unpacked from several moves though, so I'm not looking forward to that.

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