Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

So I watched the debate. I thought both candidates did well and I didn't see any obvious gaffes on either side really from a what was said department. I got the impression from watching it though that McCain really doesn't like Obama. He never had anything polite to say to or about Obama and even seemed to be scowling a couple times whereas Obama conceded McCain was correct on several points and at least seemed to be paying McCain some respect. McCain's answers seems better enunciated and never seemed to stray off message while Obama's seemed be more nuanced. I think both of them had a couple questions that they "answered" by not answering the original question at all. I did like the question about what priority are they going to have to sacrifice because of the bailout (even though they both never really answered it, which unfortunately is what I was expecting). I've seen polls saying Obama won the debate, but honestly I thought it was more a draw myself.

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wtfree3 said...

I didn't complete pay attention to everything. I actually thought McCain answered the what-kind-of-sacrifices-will-you-make better than Obama, though neither answer was anything good. (Obama showed no depth there.)

I actually thought McCain answered the 2 economic questions/follow-on discussions better than Obama. But I thought Obama actually closed better than McCain. McCain seemed a bit too scattered there. I think that's why Obama may have given the impression of winning the debate.

Though, I'll be honest - I don't think either guy was that impressive last night. Decent, but hardly the type of leadership and grasp of things that they needed to show. And those were basic (though important) questions asked by Jim Lehrer, if you ask me.