Sunday, September 14, 2008

Outdoor Activites

So we tried to make sure the kids got some outdoor physical activity today. I took Quinn on a bike ride around the neighborhood. We were going to go all the way around, but about ten minutes into the trip he had already had just about enough and was complaining that I hadn't brought anything for him to drink with us. So we ended up shortcutting some through the neighborhood. Even so there were a couple of hills that he ended up having to walk up. His bike is pretty basic and doesn't have gears, so it doesn't take much of a hill for him to get overwhelmed. After the bike ride Catherine wanted me to go rollerblading with her. So I broke out my old blades. It's been years since I've bladed, but it didn't take too long to get back into the swing of things. And since I was never what you would call "skilled" at it before, getting back to merely competent isn't exactly impressive.

Catherine did better today. She almost made it all the way up the driveway on her own. She got about 3/4 of the way up and then lost her rhythm, but just the fact that she's able to generate forward momentum while going up an incline is pretty good for only her second day. I'm still not convinced she would be able to pick herself up by herself if she fell, but I think she's getting close.

And while Ginger was out helping Catherine, I got out of my blading gear and played with Quinn for a bit. He's back into football now. I'm not even sure why he's suddenly interested in it again since it's not like he knows it's football season or anything. I suppose it's possible the kids at school talk about it and maybe that's how he knows. Anyway I took this photo of him catching the ball, and yes, he did actually catch it. But from looking at the photo I'm not exactly sure how he caught it since his hands are nowhere near where the ball is, and unless I'm seeing things it certainly looks like he has his eyes closed.


Matt Helgeson said...
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gaz said...

dude - yo ulook like a pro.
and quinn looks to be about 5ft tall in that shot!

wtfree3 said...

Footballs wedged in the facemask count as a catch. And I'm glad he's got the correct team on the side of his helmet. (Nice comeback win yesterday.) Glad you're willing to get back on the blades and have pictures taken. I sure wouldn't want to show off how bad I am.

wc said...

james you make merely competent look good :)