Monday, September 01, 2008

Everything Old Is New Again

We've been talking about giving this thing away (that's the reason it was out when I decided to use it in the Brick Olympic video). But now that it's been in the Brick video the kids wanted to use it even more.

Straight from the 70's, we have Trac Ball. As long as I can put Quinn in a position where he isn't throwing towards the house, a window, the car or anything else breakable, this is entertaining.

Not quite as old, but from the 80's. It's the Aerobie. This is actually mine from way back in the day. It was actually pretty fun to play with it. Quinn was able to catch it if I could get it near him. And catching his throws gave me a real work out since they rarely came anywhere near me. Similar rules about house and cars applied, but I was less worried about it here since the Aerobie has the soft rubber coating. We ended up tossing it across the cul de sac, which worked pretty well except for the couple of throws where Quinn would put it into a neighbor's bushes in front of their house.

The kids talked to Will on the computer (through GTalk) today. While Quinn was just Mr Chatty telling Will about everything, Catherine refused to speak. But she did run into the next room and drew a picture for Will instead of talking to him. Catherine's in the blue and Will's in the red. Now I know Will's a bit shorter than me, but it surprised me to see he's actually shorter than Catherine. I snapped a picture of it and uploaded it to the computer and then sent it to Will. I feel confident he'll be framing it or making it his background. I'm just hoping he doesn't turn it in at his school and try to pass it off as his own work. The last thing we need is that kind of scandal.

And speaking of Catherine, we made the mistake of trying to go by Dick's Sporting Goods to get Rollerblades for Catherine today (has Rollerblade supplanted the generic term of inline skates like Kleenex did to tissues?). The place was a mad house in the shoe section. I guess everyone is out buying shoes for back to school. It was a wasted effort, because we couldn't find the model they have on their website in the store. And once Ginger loaded the model up on her iPhone they told us that happens to be a model that's available only online. So it looks like we might be ordering that online. Sports Authority did have a model that looked semi decent, so we might try that again, but if I recall Catherine didn't like the color scheme of the one from there. And here's something that's totally new. The reason she didn't like it wasn't because it was pink. Pink is no longer her favorite color. It's now blue (which is why I assume she drew herself in blue in the picture for Will).

Ginger added: Will assured Catherine they shared the same favorite color - turquoise, which is why she used it in the picture.


Willy C said...

Technically, since the drawing is now open to the public, i think it falls under "fair use"...You never know, one day I may be behind on a project and need an ace in the hole.

JamesF said...

Is it fair use because I don't have some tagline on my main page that all images and what not are copyrighted to me?

I notice you have that qualifier over on your blog.

dashrb said...

Fair use applies to a consumer's limited use of material which *is* copyrighted.

In the US, as of 1989, it is no longer necessary to mark your material as Copyrighted (e.g. with the © symbol (c inside a circle)) in order for you, the publisher, to retain the copyright on it.

There are subjective limits as to what you (the non-publisher) can do with someone else's copyrighted material, but submitting the work as your own would most certainly fail the test.

Rediculous details are available on wikipedia.

But most importantly, remember that what is legal has less to do with what the law *says*, and more to do with how judges have historically interpretted what the law says. Law is all about precedence.

It's a mess. Admittedly, I have zero useful suggestions for making it better.