Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back To School Part Time

Today was the kid's first day back to school. Don't feel too bad for them, they're only going half days for this first half week. I'm unsure whether either of them were really excited about going back. Quinn did wake up this morning and complained that he had a headache. He seemed fine though and it didn't keep him from bouncing around the house prior to leaving.

The trip to the school to drop the kids off was much more pleasant than last year's trips. The road to the school is no longer under construction, so I don't have to take back roads and what not to try and avoid backed up traffic. Now it's a straight shot to the school and probably only takes about twelve minutes or so to get there.

I snapped a couple of pictures once we got there. The kids refused to have their picture taken in the actual sunlight claiming it was too bright, but then when taking their picture in the shade with the background highlighted by the sun I think it gave the pictures a kind of dull feel.

And Catherine actually spoke to her teacher this morning and said hello and everything. This is a pretty big deal since most of last year she was acting extremely shy and not speaking up much. Hopefully she'll continue with this new outgoing trend.

The kids also had their first day of gymnastics today. Catherine told me tonight she loves gymnastics even more than ballet. Quinn didn't seem quite as gung ho about gymnastics (given Catherine's enthusiastic response it would be hard to be that excited about it), but he still seemed like he enjoyed it.

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