Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes Is Back With New Episodes!

Finally Heroes is back on the airwaves after last year's shortened season due to the writer's strike. And while it's great that it's back, after almost ten months off the air I've completely forgotten everything that was going on. I probably should have watched the primer that was on prior to the two hour premiere so I wasn't constantly going "Wait, how did he end up there?" and "How did they resolve that?" And it certainly seems that Heroes is the place where old sci fi stars get their second chance at life. After Sulu and Uhura had their roles in previous seasons tonight we saw Bruce Boxleitner from Babylon 5 making an appearance. And I'm wondering if they've just decided to drop some storylines (or maybe they finished them and I just don't remember), but so far they haven't shown anything about Micah or Monica (the girl with photographic reflexes) from season 2 (and Molly seems to have been written off the show entirely in a throw away line). Still, even though everything is somewhat new more and more information is revealed. The one thing I do like about Heroes versus other mysterious serialized shows (like let's say Lost) is that while I still think they're making some stuff up as they go along, I do feel like they're building on a consistent prewritten backstory. And for for every new mysterious question that arises they introduce the answer or reveal information to an older question.


Barry said...

Just watched it. I thought is was pretty weak

JamesF said...

To each their own I suppose. I thought it was way better than Season 2, but not quite up to the quality of Season 1. Although I am willing to cut them a little slack in that they didn't have time to do everything they wanted in Season 2, but if that storyline had been decompressed into twice as many episodes it would have been terrible.