Thursday, September 04, 2008

But... It's Not Green

Last week at work before a meeting started there was a conversation in which, and honestly I forget how the conversation got to this point, but a couple of us were reminiscing and thinking back on the differences between Big Wheels and Green Machines. This led to some of us extolling on the various differences between the two and which we prefer. Some preferred the classic nature of the Big Wheel design while others preferred the flexibility that the Green Machine offered with it's bi-directional spin out. However, the majority of the people there (who were a tad younger than myself) were scratching their heads and wondering what in the world we were talking about. After trying to explain and getting blank stares I just assumed that both the Big Wheel and the Green Machine had faded into obscurity and were no longer produced as mainstream products. So imagine my surprise last weekend when we were in Toys 'R Us buying Quinn his skateboard and I saw the above item on a shelf. A Green Machine for girls, that's ... well, pink. And yet, it's still called a Green Machine. Somehow that just seems wrong.

And just so everyone can get in on the action, feel free to take the poll below and let your feelings in the great Big Wheel vs Green Machine debate be known.

Big Wheel or Green Machine?


Willy C said...

That brings back memories. Of course, being an isolated country boy I, I never knew what the h#@! a green machine was, hence my affinity for the Big Wheel. Both mine and my sister's beaten up, faded Big Wheels still hang proudly from the barn ceiling.

Dogfather said...

I wanted to vote twice.

My option AND You're old.