Saturday, September 27, 2008

Perry's Birthday Party

Today the kids were invited to Perry's birthday party. We initially went to the wrong place because it was suppose to be at a local putt putt place unless it rained, and while it rained last night it wasn't raining this morning. But the party had been moved anyway.

Once we eventually made it to new party location the party was already well underway. The party was Star Wars themed. Perry had apparently received the Star Wars: Force Unleashed for his birthday and all the kids were downstairs crowded around the Wii watching them play. Since no one was reading the tutorial hints play it wasn't going well. I didn't let Quinn play since we have the game at home (well, we have a borrowed copy anyway). Sadly all the kids instead of playing were just standing around watching people play the video game.

Catherine was a bit shy about joining in since most the kids there were boys. She did pal around a bit with Anna, and they started doing some gymnastic moves. Once she showed me this move I foolishly decided that anything my nimble five year old can do I could do as well. That turned out to be a mistake. I was able to get into the position, but it felt like someone was sticking hot knives into the back of my arms. Afterward I was lying on the floor in so much pain I could barely move. A fair number of the of the kids found this highly amusing.

So even though we've gone out of our way not to let Quinn have toy guns it seems as if he's completely infatuated with them. He managed to find one at Perry's and spent most the time at the party running around like a secret agent "shooting" people (PEW PEW PEW!). I'm starting to think that we might have made this worse by not letting him get it out of his system here at home. Alternatively I suppose he could be even worse if we were letting him play with toy guns at home.

Later at home Catherine pointed out we had a little visitor in our front yard again. I've noticed that Quinn seems to hang out with his hands in his pockets a lot these days. I wonder when that started.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

So even though we've gone out of our way not to let Quinn have toy guns

I played with toy guns all the time as a child, and I turned out normal. And if you disagree, I'll blow you away!!! ;-)