Saturday, September 20, 2008

Even More Socializing

Catherine's class at school had an ice cream social gathering on Saturday. But before we went to that we all played outside for a good while. Quinn finally convinced Catherine to try playing football. All things considered it went about as well as one could expect.

Now I admit to not being a complete football connoisseur, but I'm fairly certain Catherine would get called for holding in the shot above.

In addition to football, we also got out the aerobie. And we did some bike riding and tennis in the street (no pictures of either the last set of events). And if you couldn't tell, the pictures above were all taken by Ginger with the old D70.

After that we headed over to the social gathering for the parents and students in Catherine's class. I'm still not sure why I go to these things considering I just don't end up socializing with the other parents that much. I will say the food was good. It was a pot luck style dinner and there was a ton of food. I had a hamburger, some steamed dumplings, some deviled eggs, more dumplings, another hamburger and then some more eggs and dumplings. I almost didn't have room for dessert (several cupcakes and brownies). Overall I think I gained 10 pounds. Still, the kids had fun. Catherine spent just about every moment she could in the trampoline. And since this was for Catherine's class there weren't a lot of kids there Quinn's age, but he managed to keep busy by either sucking me into some batting practice or instigating races with the younger kids. There was one girl there (I think her name is Katie) that I believe is a year or so older than Quinn and she managed to continually smoke Quinn every time they raced, so racing would only last until she showed up.

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