Monday, March 05, 2007

Strange Fiction

Quinn attended school today, but you can tell he's really not at 100% yet and gets tired pretty quickly. I imagine with spring just around the corner and the pollen starting up soon that he's going to be miserable from that soon enough too. It's a bit frustrating that there's only so much you can do for him. Catherine and the rest of us seem to have escaped and not caught whatever it was that Quinn had, either that or we all did catch it, but it's just affecting us less and making us tired more than normal (which based on how I feel, could be a distinct possibility). I have to believe that part of Quinn's problem is that he doesn't eat food that is good for him, and therefore he is probably more prone to catching viruses and what not.

Ginger and I watched Stranger Than Fiction this past weekend. It stars Will Ferrell as Harold Crick, an ordinary guy who works for the IRS whose life suddenly starts getting narrated, but only he can hear it. Then the voice mentions he'll soon be dead, which as you might expect causes Harold a bit of distress. The movie is a different sort of beast and to an extent defies what I would call the Hollywood mashup description (what is the real term for describing a movie via other movies anyway, like when they say "It's the Star Wars crossed with Titanic"). The movie isn't terribly funny, which with Will Ferrell in the cast feels like you've been misled. There are moments that are amusing, but nothing really gut busting funny. Not sure Ginger really liked it at all (I think she did manage to complete several Sudoku puzzles while we watched it, so it wasn't interesting enough to maintain her attention). It's a very different sort of movie. You basically have to accept this one completely outrageous possibly (that someone's life might be a character in a book and they may hear the narration of the story) and see where the movie goes from there. I found the idea of the movie unique enough to make the movie entertaining. What's interesting is that during the movie it basically does a dissection movies and literature in a very general sense which I also found intriguing.

And over in TV Land I'm a bit upset that Heroes is now on hiatus until late April. That's a long time to go without my Heroes fix. And what the heck has happened to Battlestar Galactica? The show was pretty good, but this whole season has been a train wreck. The stories recently have been so bad that I wasn't that upset when I heard it might not get renewed. In fact, my feelings on BSG more or less mirror my feelings on Lost also.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

There is a running commentary on Jess' blog about BSG and the last few episodes. She won the big contest and is off to the set soon, and was recently put under a non-disclosure so I'm not sure how much more she'll be writing about it, but her readers are putting up some good thoughts. I put up a rather outrageous theory, myself.