Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He's Not Dead Jim

Got some snow today. This morning was just a dusting, and once that stopped I thought that's all we were going to get for the day. But then it started up again midday and went on until nightfall. It didn't really start sticking though until later in the afternoon, so once it stopped we ended up with about an inch or so of accumulation.

And I had various people throughout the day IM / email me about the big comic news story of the day, The Death of Captain America. And if I believed for a minute he was actually dead, then it would probably be a big story. Although the way the news media has latched onto it you would think it was a huge deal. And I'm sure it's big. I mean, I remember when Superman died. That was a huge deal and we never saw Superman comics after that again. Oh wait, that's right, he got better. In fact there are a whole host of characters in comics who have died and then come back: Superman, Spider-Man, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man, Thing, Mr Fantastic, Aunt May, and there's tons more. Click here for a big list of characters that isn't even comprehensive (it doesn't even mention Hawkeye, and he's died and come back no fewer than 9 times, twice just last year).

So aside from all that here's why I think this is just a fake out. Remember that Marvel has recently entered the movie business and has borrowed a ton of money (525 million) from Merrill Lynch to use to make 10 movies, all of which needs to be done within like the next eight years or so I believe (and if they don't make the movies in eight years and return the money, they can lose the rights to the characters). Check out that list of movies they want to make. What's the first name on the list. That's right, Captain America. Now best laid plans and all that, they've already run into snags and the Captain America movie got put on the back burner and the first two movies produced by Marvel will be Iron Man and a sequel to the Hulk (which they've already said the Hulk sequel will be less of a sequel and more of a do over). That doesn't change the fact though that Captain America is still a movie they want to make. And a movie about a dead guy isn't going to sell a lot of tickets (horror genre not withstanding). So maybe they'll keep him dead for a bit. A couple of months, maybe a year or more at most, and then there will be a triumphant news media frenzy about the return of Captain America. And once you have all that media attention towards the character that would be a great time for a movie. Now having said all of that the current issue of Captain America where he dies will fly off the shelves pretty quick and be worth a pretty penny in the short time frame.

Oh yea, there's one more reason I don't believe he's dead. The Editor In Chief said as much:
Joe Quesada, 43, Marvel Entertainment's editor in chief, said he wouldn't rule out the shield-throwing champion's eventual return. But for now, the Captain's fans are in mourning.

And lest people think this blog is about nothing but snow pictures and comics, here's a video of Quinn at the ice rink on Tuesday.

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