Friday, March 16, 2007

Dad's Breakfast

Today was the Dad's breakfast at school. All the kids brought in their Dads (or Mom if Dad wasn't available) to have breakfast and then show them some of the work that they do. So instead of bouncing back and forth between the two classes, I dragged Quinn into Catherine's class and we all had breakfast there.

After breakfast they showed my how they work with the golden beads for learning numbers and addition. Worked out well since this was an exercise that required two people.

And it looks like Barry was right, we got snow. It was raining most of last night and all this morning. To the point where we had flash flood warnings. I think we got two to three inches of rain so far (you just make out the creek about to overflow in the picture above). The runoff basin is already completely filled. And as we discovered this morning, the rain had driven all the earthworms out. There were a ton of earthworms all over the driveway and the cul-de-sac this morning (the kids had a great time pointing them all out). We originally weren't suppose to get any snow until tomorrow night, but about mid-afternoon it started sleeting which later turned to freezing rain / snow. Last I heard we might end up with about an inch when all is said and done. It's a shame it rained for so long before the snow started, now even if we get a good base of snow the ground is so wet that sledding would be difficult at best. But at the current time, I don't think we'll even get an inch, but we'll know tomorrow morning I suppose.

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