Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lowkey Sunday

Another mostly uneventful day as we went through our self imposed exile. Not willing to risk spreading whatever we might have we decided to not go to church this morning.

Ginger did make a run to the grocery store, but she's the only one of us that actually left the house today. Evidently I was suppose to get the kids bathed and dressed while she was gone, but I missed that part of the memo, so lunch was later than normal.

Once we got through with lunch, Catherine and Ginger put the finishing touches on the cake they started making yesterday. Catherine applied the whip cream, sampling some here and there.

Quinn is doing much better, but you can tell he's still pretty out of it and doesn't have a lot of energy (although he tries to act like nothing is wrong). Problem is once he starts running around too much he starts coughing like mad. So we've had to constantly reign him in whenever he would start getting rambunctious.

We did let the kids watch a the Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol DVD. Somehow the part near the end where the factory explodes actually frightened Catherine and as a results she's had a nightmare.

After dinner we got to have the cake that Ginger and Catherine had worked on for so long. It was very tasty. Quinn opted to have some of the cupcakes from Catherine's party from last weekend, but the rest of us had the cake. And you can see from above, Catherine really liked it. I think she takes after me with the whole trying to put too much into your mouth when eating.

All in all, a really low key, but nice day (well, low key for me anyway, I think Ginger was on the go almost all day long it seemed). Thanks to everyone that called to check in on us and say hello.

Techy question for anyone that might know the answer. Ginger bought me some video editing software. It's Adobe Premiere Elements, but it seems to require a processor with SSE2 capabilities, which my older AMD chip doesn't appear to have. Is there someway to get a software equivalent of that, or am I just completely out of luck and need to return the program or buy a computer with an Intel chip in it?

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Scott said...

See here:

I highly doubt you can emulate the hardware with a piece of software.