Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Desert Horse Racing

Here's Quinn with his ribbon from skating. The kids apparently also did some arts and crafts today. Pictures by Ginger.

So I watched Hidalgo tonight. Probably best known as the movie that Aragorn guy did after the Lord of the Rings. Gotta admit, had I not known it was the same guy, I would have never recognized him in this. The movie is pretty basic in it's premise, and it's based on 'real events'. Which is a fancy way these days of saying "Ripped from the headlines". Sure the event behind the story probably occurred, but so many liberties have been taken that it's nothing like what really happened. The basic story is an American endurance rider's reputation gets around the globe and he gets invited to the endurance ride of all endurance rides across various deserts over in the middle east. At over two hours in length the movie is kind of long, but it has really pretty scenic shots and the plot keeps moving for the most part. Although the plot does gets briefly hijacked for about 20 minutes in the middle of the movie where it changes from a horse race movie to some Die Hard hostage rescue before returning to the main plot. The ending is both typical and atypical Hollywood at the same time. Overall not a bad movie, and much better than some of what Hollywood puts out these days.

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