Saturday, March 17, 2007

Going Once! Going Twice! Sold!

Tonight was the silent (and some live) auction that was put together to help the kid's school raise money. Ginger was one of the coordinators and has been super busy throughout this past week helping organize the event. She's basically had no free time for past three nights, which initially I took advantage of to catch on some TV, but then I got sucked into helping the last night.

Part of the reason things were so hectic towards the end was that going into the week they only had around forty items to auction, whereas last year they had seventy some. So as the week went on, a ton of last minute items to add showed up and since Ginger was the one putting together the flyer descriptions and sign up sheets, that meant a lot of extra last minute work. In case you're wondering, they did eventually end up with over seventy items.

The Auction mentality is kind of strange. There were a couple of items that were duplicates (i.e. there were two piano lessons, both the same and from the same person, as well as the same of a couple other duplicate items). We initially were the only bid on either piano lesson, then someone came in out outbid us, but still no one had bid on the second lesson yet, so I moved our initial bid from the one we were now losing over to the other one, and we won that one.

For most part the auction was simply walk around and write down your bid. I got outbid on a couple of things (I thought I was going to be able to pick up a Nintendo DS for under $100, but eventually it ended up at $170), but I did win a set of ceramic figurines from Disney's Fantasia (Ginger asked which kid they were for, but I couldn't bring myself to explain that they were for me). We also got into a bidding war on some American Girl children's books that we eventually won (I think we paid close to twice what they're actually worth). I think whoever put together that set might have pulled one of the wrong books, because five of the books are about Molly and one is about Emily. Ginger also signed up for some Girl's Night Out event and we won two hours of piano lessons that I mentioned above. I'm guessing we will probably give the lesson to Quinn. I fully expect him to be playing the Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto #3 flawlessly after the lesson.

The biggest surprise of the night came during the live auction, when a friendship quilt that was made by all the elementary kids ended up fetching $1100. Apparently two of the kid's Moms got into a bidding war for it.

And no one had told me we were going to have to get dressed up for this event. I feel like I got hoodwinked on that since at the last minute before we left Ginger tells me it's time to go put on my suit. In addition to it being an auction, there was also wine and beer tasting. I think some of the people there might have been there more for that than for the actual auction. Guess it was appropriate though since it was Saint Patrick's Day.

Once the bid sheets were collected and live auction was over, things got a little slow (mainly because Ginger had to be there till the very end). So I wandered around the house and took some pictures of the flowers they had out on display. Just something to pass the time really. I didn't notice that white strip of paper in the one set of flowers until I got home and looked at the pictures. Which is shame because it wasn't a bad shot other than that.

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