Friday, March 02, 2007

Wolverine Versus Batman

Well we thought Quinn was getting better yesterday, but he's taken a severe turn for the worse today. He's thrown up several times (fun fact: I'm not sure, but I think today was the first time he's ever thrown up in the 'potty', which he did all on his own while Ginger was off trying to find his 'bucket'). And his fever is back with a vengeance flaring up to almost 104 at one point today (and that was with some medicine in him). So based on that, if his fever hasn't broken by tomorrow morning, he'll be going in for a doctor visit (an early one too, at 9:15). I'm hoping his fever breaks, but at the same time, this seems really bad, so maybe he needs to have a once over by a doc.

John asked earlier in the week how I thought The Illusionist compared to The Prestige and it's now time to answer. The Prestige (or "Wolverine Versus Batman" as I like to call it) is fantastic compared to the Illusionist. The performances, the cinematography, and especially the story are very well done in the Prestige. So much so that I hereby pronounce that The Prestige man handles the Illusionists, kicks it to the curb, then parades it's head around on a stick. It's that much better. The story and the acting are what really sell the movie though. Whereas with The Illusionist you got cold flat acting from the main actor for fear of revealing too much, in The Prestige it's feels like it is the opposite. Emotions run raw and you see what's motivating these people from the start. The movie is fairly long, clocking in at just over two hours, but at no time did I feel bored with the story. I think one of the other reasons I liked the movie so much is I didn't see the ending coming until about ten minutes before the end of the movie. It's always nice to watch a movie and actually be surprised I think versus the predictable trite we typically get from Hollywood these days. This is a guy movie. Don't get me wrong, Hugh and Christian are both pleasant on the eyes (nothing against Michael Caine if you're into that), but a couple of shirtless scenes are all the ladies get. For the most part this story is all testosterone with a bitter rivalry between the two magicians where each feels the need to one up the other. The movie isn't perfect, but the only real negative I had concerning the movie is that sometimes it's hard to hear what's being said (characters talking low), but that's what rewind and subtitles are for I guess. The ending is well done, and looking back, I really should have seen it coming well before I did since the clues are everywhere throughout the movie. So much so that I wonder how I missed it for so long. Overall, I would say this movie is well worth a watch.

And since when I posted the review about the Illusionist I threw in some snow pictures, I guess I'll throw in a couple here also.

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