Saturday, March 03, 2007

Strep Throat II

So even though Quinn's fever was much lower this morning, Ginger still took him in for the impromptu scheduled doctor visit. Good thing too since he's been diagnosed with Strep Throat. I know what you're thinking, didn't he have that almost exactly one year ago? And if you were thinking that you would be right. And I guess it makes sense that his fever had somewhat broken, since according to wikipedia on the subject, "symptoms subside within 4 days even without treatment".

Since Quinn's probably still a bit contagious, we isolated ourselves to the house today. The day seems pretty long when you're confined to the house. To get around the boredom Catherine helped Ginger make a cake. With Quinn we had to work to try and keep him inactive. If he starts running around, invariably he'll start coughing, so it's a chore making him sit still, luckily we had the NASCAR race from last week that he hadn't watched, so we let him sit through that at various times throughout the day. And you can tell Quinn is feeling a bit better by how active he is and how active he wants to be, but based on his looks he still appears to be in recovery mode. I'm just hoping Catherine doesn't get the Strep, she appears to be coming down with something since she's coughing a lot tonight. Guess we'll know more tomorrow.

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