Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Eagle Eye

I got to watch Eagle Eye a while ago. It's popcorn action flick to the extreme. And it's yet another movie starring this Shia LaBeouf guy (this guy's in like everything these days it seems). And like many other movies that star LaBeouf it has him running around and yelling a lot. You know how Keanu Reeves is known for saying "Whoa" in a lot of his movies? I think LaBeouf's signature line is yelling "No No No No No No No" while running (actually given the speed he says it all the time maybe it's "NoNoNoNoNoNoNo"). I don't want to give anything away about the movie, but while most of the events that occur with technology in the movie are possible in theory, the extent to which the idea is stretched in the movie borders on science fiction. It is a shame that it gets so far removed from the concept as you get closer to the end because I was enjoying the exploration of the idea presented initially. Most of the movie seems at least plausible right until you get near the end at which point they decide to turn up the crazy. Overall even taking into account the craziness at the end it was an entertaining movie.

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dashrb said...

I enjoyed it too.

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