Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wait, In High School?

Ginger and the kids returned from Richmond tonight. Catherine had some more birthday presents in tow. One was this Hello Kitty backpack. At some point when I wasn't paying attention my little girl grew up a bit out outgrew Disney princesses and now likes Hello Kitty. I suppose there are worse ways it could have gone. Anyway, when I asked why exactly she needed a rolling suitcase / backpack with Hello Kitty I got informed that Catherine picked it out and declared she could use it for high school. When I pointed out that was many years away she decided she needed it to transport her stuff back and forth between here and Richmond. At least she's thinking ahead I suppose. Not sure I can really see her using it in high school (although who knows, it might be "in" by then).

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wtfree3 said...

She'll be rocking it in high school in Japan. They have always been big into it. It was funny to walk down the streets of Tokyo and see Hello Kitty in the windows of various office buildings.