Friday, February 06, 2009


So we've been doing what we can to try and promote Quinn's interest in reading. Basically trying to find things that he'll read on his own. That worked some with comics, but a lot of the other chapter books we've bought him for his age just haven't clicked. That's all changed. He's discovered Captain Underpants. He loves these books. In fact, he'll read a whole book in day if he has the time (which means it won't be too long before he's done with the whole series at the rate he's going since there are only about 8 books in the series). And the books aren't exactly short, for grins I read the first one and it took me maybe under and hour or so. I think a large part of why he likes it is the two main characters are trouble makers and prank players. And then there's the obvious potty humor involved too. And in case you're wondering about the post title, that's Captain Underpant's catchphrase when he shows up to battle evildoers. Whatever the reason we're just glad that he's found something that really makes him want to read. We're still looking for other books / series, so if anyone out there has suggestions we would love to hear them.


wtfree3 said...

Can I assume he's already been through the Magic Treehouse series? If not, those would be good ones. The local library might carry these. Will's got a couple other series here's working on, but he's asleep and I don't want to go rummaging through the room right now. And depending on how advanced a reader Quinn is, he probably isn't too far off from being ready for Encyclopedia Brown.

gaz said...

ethan loved these and still gets them out ever so often. for the moment though he's enjoying the jack stalwart adventures - another top set of books. he's a 9 yr old adventurer/spy, each book is a different mission in a different country - all the while he's searching for his lost brother (who was also a spy). highly recommended.

wtfree3 said...

Two more series that Will is into. Junie B. Jones is a wise-cracking first grader (Spencer may not relate as much on the age), but cute in a way. Nate the Great is more of a detective/sleuthing series. Also enjoyable. Good luck.