Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Catherine Ice Skating: Week 2

Catherine finally got to go ice skating again. She missed the second week because school was out for the inauguration. Then the next week school was canceled due to the the snow. Luckily this week she got to go even though it had been calling for snow the night before (we got nothing though).

Catherine asked if I was going to come see her again and I told her I would. I'm pretty sure she remembers how I used to go and help Quinn when he was skating. What I don't think she understands is that I was going to help Quinn because he didn't pick it up that quickly and I think he needed the support. Catherine on the other hand seems to be something of a natural at this.

That's not to say she still doesn't fall down a lot. But she's very confident in moving and can even get going pretty quick (as she demonstrated when she had her pack of friends chasing me on the ice).

Since I went out on the ice this week, I got the chance to take some better pictures than the previous outing. I'm probably eventually going to regret taking my camera out on the ice one of these days when I slip and fall and the camera breaks. But until then it's the only way to get good pictures.


wtfree3 said...

Either the camera breaks, or James breaks. (And instincts actually say you will try to preserve the camera.) The question becomes - which would be more expensive to repair/replace?

dashrb said...

It's cheaper if james breaks, because he won't pay to fix himself. Ask him about the finger injury suffered in the early 90's one day when I threw him a football.

And in contrast, I'm sure he'd repair/replace a broken camera.

JamesF said...

dahrb: Ask him about the finger injury suffered in the early 90's one day when I threw him a football.

I think I eventually went to a doctor about that. I vaguely remember having a splint thing on my finger at some point. I do forget how long it took me to go get the finger looked at though. And the finger is mostly fine now I'll have you know (it's only slightly more swollen than any other finger).