Monday, February 02, 2009

Missing The High Cost Of Gas

I hate to even say this, because I know how painful it was for people. But I honestly somewhat miss the high price of gas. Don't get me wrong, I didn't like paying that much for gas, but when gas broke $4 a gallon people really started thinking about how much driving they had to do. And cars that have alternative fuels became a real focus and there seemed to be a real shift in priorities. Now that the price has receded it seems as if people aren't as concerned. I'm looking forward to the time when real effort is put into seriously developing cars that run cleaner (and if they could be cheaper too, well that would just be a bonus). Now I realize that the higher transportation costs is part of what fueled a lot of the inflationary pricing. And if you did grocery shopping I'm sure you noticed that if the price somehow didn't go up then suddenly the amount you were buying was less (really Bryers? you couldn't just stay at a half gallon, you had to switch to 1.5 quarts? that's 25% less for the same price). But now that the cost of gas has gone back down I don't see the cost of food dropping, nor do I see companies giving me more for the same price. So if I have to pay the higher cost for goods no matter what, then why not have the higher gas prices and hope that fosters people seriously looking into alternative energy vehicles.

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wtfree3 said...

I'm pretty sure Breyers, and most ice cream makers, long abandoned the half-gallon before last year. First, it was 1.75 quarts at the beginning of this decade. Now, I guess (I haven't been paying attention, as we don't get it much) it's down to 1.5 quarts, you're saying. This was in reaction to escalating prices, but dairy was going up long before last year.