Monday, February 16, 2009

Burn After Reading

Ginger and Quinn left to head down to Richmond on Sunday. Left alone to my own devices I decided to watch Burn After Reading. This is another quirky movie from the Coen brothers. I liked this one a lot more than I did No Country For Old Men (which I thought was an exceptionally well shot and crafted movie that just didn't have a proper ending). Burn After Reading gets away from the the dramatic seriousness of No Country and returns to some of the more comedic elements of some of the Coen brother's other films. That's not to say this pure comedy like Raising Arizona. It's a nice blend I think. The story sort of meanders along with at times no apparent destination, and yet the characters managed to keep you entertained anyway. The movie deals somewhat with how pieces of the spy community interact with the regular population. It's hard to give the normal Hollywood one line description of this film though. I enjoyed it a lot, if for no other reason than to see Brad Pitt playing a complete idiot and George Clooney playing a complete dirtbag. The whole movie ends up seeming like a complete setup for the punch line of the last scene (which I might add had me laughing for a good while).

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