Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dollhouse Viewing

We had Ben come over tonight to watch Friday's episode of Dollhouse (after the kids had gone to bed of course). I enjoyed this episode more than the first episode. My guess is that first episode had so much exposition that they had to do they didn't have a lot of time for the smaller character bits. Still not sure where the overall show is going since I'm finding it hard to believe we're suppose to be rooting for this organization. Along those lines I suspect there's going to be a significant change in direction at some point (where the organization's management changes). The good news is this episode seemed to have more of Whedon's touch to it. And even though I can't say I'm a big fan of Dushku's acting, I am enjoying the show. I just wish FOX were showing it sometime other than Friday night which is a ratings wasteland for the most part (I should be careful what I wish for I guess, my luck they'll move it to Saturday which is probably the only time that would be worse than where it's currently at). Ben told us that the pilot episode did really well with online viewing and downloads on iTunes, so hopefully FOX factors that aspect into their decision on whether to keep the show.

While we were watching the show Quinn called me up to his room and when I got there I discovered that the boy had lost yet another tooth (we didn't even know one was loose). He apparently just knocked it out when he went to take a swig from his drink cup.

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CAPT_Sawyer said...

It is just starting to get good, and we're getting hints into a bigger story arc going on. I'm waiting for the time she's in some delicate mode and in danger and suddenly recalls kick-ass training and fights her way out. I'm sure it will happen.