Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pajama Day And A Birthday Party

Saturday the kids had a pajama day. This is one of their favorite days where they basically never get dressed and just play inside all day. I think I might have been the only family member to make it outside at all to get the mail and to finish clearing the leftover ice off the walkway. Since the front of our house never gets direct sunlight in the winter, ice will stick around a lot longer there than anywhere else. And Ginger wanted to be able to order pizza for dinner without worrying about the possibility the pizza guy would slip and fall and sue us or something. Quinn's made it through four of the Captain Underpants books at this point. We're considering getting the remaining ones from the library versus buying them.

On Sunday Catherine had a birthday party to attend for one of the girls in her class at school. Unfortunately Ginger also had a prior commitment already (she had a meeting at the church for the nursery volunteers). In fact that meeting also kept her from being able to attend a stamping event she wanted to go to (which probably ended up saving us some money by her not being able to attend that).

Anyway, Ginger being unavailable meant I had to take Catherine to the birthday party (something that Ginger normally handles herself since she's worried about the whole trace peanut issue with Catherine's allergies) and I had to keep Quinn occupied as well.

The birthday party was at a ballet studio, which meant in addition to having to deal with the food and potential peanut allergies I had to deal with the fact that Catherine also has skin allergies and that wearing a ballet outfit provided by the studio could set those off. Luckily it fit over her regular clothes with little to no direct skin contact, so that ended up being mostly a non issue.

The party was typical of a ballet studio birthday. I had Quinn acting as an official photographer of the event to keep him entertained. So he got to use his new camera and take some pictures and videos.

All in all everything went fine and there were no issues. Once we got home we were actually able to play outside and take advantage of some of the incredibly warm weather we had (at least compared to how cold it was earlier in the week).

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