Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catherine's Birthday Party

So Catherine decided (quite recently I might add) that she wanted to have her birthday party at the ice skating rink. Luckily we had been pretty negligent in booking anything beforehand, so this worked out well. Today is the start of the kids Spring break (they go a half day today and then are off until they have to return to school next Wednesday).

Since this was the party Catherine invited her friends from school to it made sense to have it today after the kids got out of school. It's one less thing people have to account for over the weekend and the kids were already going to be out of school.

I still can't get over how good Catherine is doing at this ice skating stuff. I think that's part of the reason she wanted to have her party there is because she enjoys it so much.

Since Quinn was in attendance he was allowed to invite a couple of his friends too. That way he was able to keep entertained while the younger kids got a skating lesson. At some point it became an entertaining game for all the kids to try and catch me, which since I had the camera I wasn't too thrilled with (and since I was using the rent-a-skates the right foot wasn't griping the ice as well as I would have liked). Luckily the instructor's kid was there, and he was by far a better skater than me and was able to keep the boys entertained through most of the event.

For most part it seemed like the kids had fun (there was one of the younger kids who had never ice skated before that didn't have a good experience though). I'm not so sure it was smart on my part to get out on the ice though since I've been fighting off a cold or something since last Thursday (I was sounding like Barry White there for a while). I suspect that this might push me off the road to recovery and cause me to have a mini relapse.

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