Saturday, February 21, 2009

Richmond Science Museum Sleepover

Friday Quinn's class at school took a field trip to the science museum in Richmond. The kids got the run of the joint off hours and got to spend the night in the museum. Quinn picked Ginger as the parental unit he wanted to attend the event with him, so Ginger and the kids headed down to Richmond on Friday just after lunch (they left early to try and get a jump on the Friday rush hour).

Once in Richmond Ginger dropped Catherine off with Grammy and Pop Pop, and then she and Quinn made their way to the museum to meet up with the rest of his class.

It sounded like the kids had a lot of fun, but they were up until almost midnight. The next day they had to leave by nine am (since that's when the museum opened to the public). After that they returned to Grammy and Pop Pop's. Ginger forced Quinn to take a nap before heading home (I was a bit surprised she came back Saturday and thought she would stay until Sunday, but I think she thought she might have to take care of the toddler nursery at church). The forced nap was because he was completely on edge and having meltdowns constantly from being so tired, which isn't surprising considering he stayed up so late the night before (compared to his normal bedtime of just before 8) and he was the first one in the group to get up at around 6:15 am (which meant Ginger had to get up then too, I'm so glad he didn't want me to go to this).

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