Sunday, October 05, 2008

School's Fall Fair

This past Saturday was the Fall Fair at the kid's school. The weather for this one was very nice (as opposed to several years ago where it was in the 40's). As with past Fairs there was a moon bounce and a pony ride. This year they already added an inflatable obstacle course.

Ginger and Quinn left early on Saturday morning around eight to go help set up. Catherine and I showed up a little after ten. This was the first one of these Fall Fairs where I did very little to help set up or do anything beforehand. Ginger on the other hand was pretty heavily involved even though this year she wasn't running the event like she did last year.

When Catherine and I did show up, I ended up realizing the battery in my camera was dead. My backup battery (which really isn't so much a backup as the battery in my D70) was back at the house and I had to run back and get it. But it took a while before Ginger could free herself enough to watch the kids while I went back.

This year Quinn was in charge of running two of the events. He ran the can game (throw a ball and knock down play doh cans) for half an hour and then after that another half an hour running the pumpkin bowling game.

Not too surprisingly before the Fair was over the pumpkin from the pumpkin bowling was cracked and leaking seeds.

Ken and Amanda also showed up eventually and hung out with Catherine.

Catherine participated in the face painting. Later at home we realized this might have been a mistake as Catherine started breaking out.

Rob and his clan were there at the Fair also. And afterward everyone ended up back at our place for an impromptu play date.

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