Sunday, October 12, 2008

Outdoor Play

So on Sunday I tried to get the kids outside to play some. Catherine for some reason just didn't want to go out. Quinn wasn't as hard to convince. For the past couple of days we've been playing Trac Ball outside when we go out. Quinn really seems to enjoy it. Typically we throw it back and forth across the cul de sac. This means the occasional game break if a car has to come through and potentially a game ender if they park on the street. If there's only one car parked on the street I let the game continue and I'll stand in front of the area around the car to keep any wild shots from hitting it. If there's more than one car out of the street though I typically end the game since I don't trust myself to be able to run between the two and protect against wild throws from Quinn.

And luckily Quinn no longer wants to play just baseball when we're limited to playing in the yard. I have to tell you playing baseball with just two people is really tedious. And it doesn't help that when we play we have to play with Quinn rules (which are nothing like the real rules in baseball). Lately though he's wanted to play kickball. I guess they play kickball at school some and that's where he's picked it up. I enjoy this a lot better than baseball since with kickball I at least have a chance at getting him out. I've had to dial back my play though a bit, since the first time we played I ended up tripping him several times by throwing the ball and knocking his legs out from under him. I've also managed to bop him upside the head more than once. The good news is that for the most part he just gets back up and we keep playing (except for the one time he fell and landed on the bricks that make up the sidewalk, that didn't go well).

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wtfree3 said...

Bricks and kid's head - not a good combination.

Bricks and daddy's head - what's inside daddy's head (so I'm told).