Thursday, October 09, 2008

Proof I Am Not A Financial Market Expert

Remember a long time ago when I said this in regards to the dow:
I have a hard time comprehending the idea of it dropping below 9,000 myself

Oh wait, that was just yesterday. Then the dow proceeded to drop 600+ points to close around in the neighborhood of 8,500. And there was this gem:
Anyone else out there losing their shirt in this crazy market meltdown?

Yea, we're way past shirts and on to shoes, pants and undergarments at this point. Just for really sad comparisons
52Wk High: 14,279.96
52Wk Low: 8,589.70

The 52 week high was literally a year ago. The low was today. So what's on the agenda for Friday? Looks like worldwide financial markets are starting to follow the US market's lead from Thursday and have started tanking, so that pretty rules out a chance at this rebounding today (again though, I think we've proven I know nothing when it comes to predicting this stuff).

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