Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Field Trip

Quinn's elementary school class went on a field trip down to the Natural Museum of History in DC. Somehow I got volunteered to be a chaperone.

First we had the metro ride to downtown. All the kids seemed pretty excited to be riding the metro. I didn't have to heart to tell them if they grow and have to take it every day they'll end up dreading it.

Once we arrived on the mall it was already time for lunch. So the group had a mini picnic (luckily no bears tried to steal our pic-a-nic basket).

I tried taking pictures today with my 50mm (fstop of down to 1.8) lens. It works pretty well indoors, but it was still too dark for it in some of the rooms. It worked well for the atrium area though. I think it's a mandatory requirement when you visit the natural history museum that you take a picture of this elephant.

For the most parts all the kids were well behaved, and I'm not even sure my presence was necessary (they did have a couple other parents there as well).

And then a rave broke out!

This is a shot through the giant crystal ball in the gem section. So the inversion is from shooting through the crystal.

The kids in Quinn's age range in his class have a ratio of 11 girls to 3 boys. I've tried to explain to him that these are pretty good odds for him. But I'm not sure he "likes" girls yet and for most of the time hung out with Franco and Carter (the other two boys).

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wtfree3 said...

I could make a comment about the last picture you included, but I will leave it at that. Still, it's cool that you can easily take a field trip to see the Smithsonian museums, at least. Not as much in the way of options down here.