Wednesday, October 08, 2008

HDR #2

Another attempt at an HDR picture. It's much like yesterday's. This one turned out just a bit better in my opinion. I need to try this technique with something other than just the backyard. Which means I'm going to have to go through and find some places where I took multiple photos at various exposure levels with a tripod. It's not like I have a ton of those type of shots sitting around, so this current obsession with this technique probably won't last too long.

Anyone else out there losing their shirt in this crazy market meltdown? I'm curious if people think we've hit the bottom of the drop yet or do people think it's going to go even lower. Anyone think it's drop below 9,000? 8,000? I have a hard time comprehending the idea of it dropping below 9,000 myself, but it's really close, so who knows. If I had a ton of surplus cash this seems like it would be a really good time to buy back in it.


gaz said...

you could do with using a subject that has a wider colour range - it's quite hard to tell with all that green. take some +/- shots of your car - they make for interesting shots.

wtfree3 said...

Now, this stuff looks cool, I'll admit. But when I first saw the title of your first post in my RSS reader yesterday, I thought maybe you were helping out with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) or something. Perhaps even trying to build your own to blow up the world. You never know!

I guess I get easily confused by acronyms.

And actually, you can use the spare processing power on your computer to help with the LHC project via distributed computing, if you're interested. Check out BOINC.