Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Art Class Drawings

In art class today the kids drew a posable doll. I get the impression it was a small wooden doll. They were suppose to draw the doll in three sizes, a little one, medium one and a big one. Then they could draw branch off on their own for a bit. As you can see above in the bottom left Quinn took "little" to the extreme. He also added some hair to the doll which gives a good indication of movement. A nice touch I thought. Then he apparently decided one of them needed to have super powers and be able to shoot beams from it's eyes as he has one doll "shooting" eye blasts at another (I have no idea where he gets this superhero fixation from).

You can tell this one is Catherine since she added female characteristics to the doll. The above is her attempt at the little, medium and big versions. And I thought she was doing pretty good at adding features. Now mind you, neither kid's drawings are on par with Will and his sketches, but for a seven and five year old I think the kids are doing pretty well.


Willy C said...

Actually, Catherine's attention to detail/size relationships and Quinn's creativity are pretty impressive. Keep them drawing whenever you have down time, either at home or out on the town, as this will help strengthen their ability to OBSERVE, which is crucial being able to draw-technique is a byproduct. Art school is just one long (expensive) class in observation.

Willy C said...

PS-just don't force them to draw. A good way to do it would be to start drawing with them, using that as a segue to "no dad, let me show you how to draw that..."

--Courtesy of W. F. Coyner's School of Teaching PipSqueeks How to Draw.
(sorry for the double post, I've have a lot of coffee...)