Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Visit To Cox Farms

Today was the day of Catherine's class field trip to the Cox Pumpkin Farm. This is the last year she'll be going as part of the school trip since next year the she'll be in the elementary class. All the times we've gone in the past (and I think we've gone for five year now) it's been pretty cold in the morning and then warmed up considerably. Not today. It was really cold the entire time. Made me wish I was wearing some long johns.

Sadly I once again had odd camera settings. I had dropped the EV stop considerably the night before trying to prevent motion blur from taking shots at night and didn't reset the camera settings back to normal. I've been getting better about checking the settings before shooting these days, but this was another case where I botched it. Luckily I was able to post process some of the shots so you could at least see some facial features.

Ginger decided to attend the event in her new gangster outfit. So even though she looked a bit funny she was at least somewhat warm. Although she did say she was wearing the same layering as she did the night before for the Vienna parade and she was colder than she had been the night before (which just goes to prove it was pretty cold).

Because Catherine had been up so late the night before in the parade she slept in pretty late, so we got to the farm about half an hour after it opened and missed entering the facility with the rest of the school. As such we were on our own for most of the day and when we finally did the hayride it was with a bunch of other folks we didn't know.

In years past I've been the stuckee that has had to go one the slides with the kids (I say that like it's a bad thing, but honestly I usually enjoy the rides as much as the kids). But this year Catherine only wanted to do stuff with Ginger. Partly because apparently in years past I "beat" her going down the big slide. Well this year that wasn't an issue since Catherine and Ginger came down together. Did I mentioned they ended up getting stuck at each horizontal level and had to scoot to get to the next drop? Wish I had taken a video of that because it was highly amusing.

One of the new attractions this year was the corn field maze. Catherine really enjoyed this section going through it multiple times. They also had a dark spinning tunnel that looks like something out of the old Six Million Dollar Man episodes where he fought Sasquatch (how's that for an obscure reference, and kudos if anyone out there actually remembers what I'm talking about). Since it was so dark in the tunnel I don't really have any good picture of it, but it did give you a sense of vertigo.

Other than that it was mostly just doing the slides and attractions like in years past. Lots of pictures follow.

We ended the day by getting to watch Quinn perform in costume in his hip hop dance class he's taking. For some reason they had the kids facing away from the parents and towards a mirror, so I didn't get any real good shots of him doing the routines.

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