Friday, October 31, 2008


Today at school was hero day. Basically the class invited all the parents in for the kids to give a report. So all the kids prepared a report and then presented it in front of all the parents. If you'll remember Quinn gave one last year and it lasted all of about seven seconds (approximately two sentences). This year the report was written on just one page. I think it lasted about 30 seconds, but I haven't gone back and checked, so I might be wrong.

The kids had to read up on someone famous (they got to choose the subject) and then present a report on them. Quinn's report was on the Wright Brothers. We just figured that he choose the Wright Brothers because of all the time he was exposed to them while we were on vacation down in North Carolina this past summer. Turns out that afterward when asked about it he told us he picked them because Ginger had read the book to him and Catherine over vacation and this way he didn't have to read the book. But he did end up reading about the Wright Brothers in making the report, so his reasoning did not hold out.

I took a video of the event, but it is pretty hard to make out what he's saying during the report, so I may or may not put that up a later date.

I came home from work early today so we could carve our pumpkins. We only carved Catherine's though because Quinn didn't really want to carve his. Catherine used blue marker to draw what was suppose to be carved. She also drew a ton of hair. And the marker never really dried, so as I was carving the pumpkin my hands turned completely blue.

Later the kids put on their costumes to hand out candy. Our neighborhood must run later than some others because our first visitors didn't even show up until 7:15 PM. The whole event was over in about an hour as the last visitors were just after eight.

The kids were really excited about people showing up and would hang out at the door looking around to see any kids were heading towards us.

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