Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Art

Tuesday's are art class day for the kids. Today they drew leaves. Most of the leaf drawings were of oval shaped leaves, but in the midst of those drawing there was the one above from Catherine. As she explained it that's her school with trees on either side and her outside the school. Why are there holes in the trees? I don't know. Maybe those are squirrel holes. And the front of the school does have four glass doors (two sets of two), so that explains why there are so many doors (I think).

Today was also the kid's school picture day. It'll be interesting to see how those turned out. Last year they took them outside in front of some leaves, but yesterday it was a bit colder so I don't know if they were outside or not. From dinner conversations I know the full class shots were taken indoors, but I don't recall if the individual ones were or not.

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