Friday, October 17, 2008

No School? I'll Match That With No Work

The kids had Friday off from school. So I had the tough choice of going to work or staying home spending the day with the kids. Hmmmm. Tough one. I decided to stay home, but I began to regret the decision when it was almost three and no one had gotten motivated to do much of anything. Ginger and the kids were watching some unlabeled video tapes from three years ago for the purpose of properly labeling them. And while it was amusing to see videos from yesteryear it wasn't exactly the quality time with the kids I had envisioned.

I had wanted to go to Frying Pan Park or someplace to be able to view the changing leave colors, but since no one was ready to do anything until around three that idea sort of went out the window and we just ended up playing outside some. The kids got out the wagon (which for the past couple of years has only been used to store toys) and pretended it was a boat or something. They even got lacrosse sticks for oars.

With the wagon out of the garage and the kids playing Ginger decided it would be a good idea to clean up and out the garage (yet another reason I probably should have just gone to work). It does look a lot nicer after the cleaning it up, but again it's not necessarily something I would have stayed home for (in fact it's exactly the type of thing I probably would have gone to work to avoid).

Once Ginger finished that task though Quinn was in hog heaven because he got all of us playing a rousing game of kickball. And I realize some of my pictures aren't that great, but you try being the pitcher, the entire outfield and the guy taking pictures all at the same time and see how that works out for you.

The "bases" are as follows, first base is the mailbox, second is the cable box, third is a tree and home is just some nebulous area near the lamp. Catherine hasn't quite got the hang of how to play and just runs around the bases non stop. She'll also get quite upset if you tag her out and will argue that even though you tagged her she isn't out. And if you block her path to the next base, she'll just skip that base entirely. So rather than have a lot of meltdowns Catherine just usually gets a "homerun". I will admit with some coaching she did start doing better later on and actually stopped on a couple of the bases every now and then.

To close the day out they ended up breaking the back part of the wagon off. Then they decided to start using it like a bob sled pushing it and then having one of them steering it from inside the wagon. In retrospect I probably shouldn't have allowed that seeing as how it could be a bit dangerous, but at the same time I don't think they ever got it going so fast that it would have seriously hurt them had they flipped it. Slightly hurt is a possibility, but probably not seriously. And hey, they were wearing their helmets, so it must be safe, right? Fact of the matter is I was more worried about them running into parked cars than I was them injuring themselves.

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