Saturday, October 11, 2008

Quality Time With Parental Unit Day

We've finally started trying to institute our parent's day plan. The plan is on Saturdays to have the kids spend time with one of their parental units and engage in an activity of their choosing and each week we'll swap the kid to parental unit combination. This week Quinn was with me, and originally he wanted to go to Burger King so that he could play in the kid's play area they have there, but at some point the activity morphed into bowling and then morphed further into being a play date with his friend Franco from school. Which in my mind violates the whole purpose of this quality time with one of the parents thing, but that was his choice.

I decided there was no real point in playing myself. Neither of the kids did overly well. Franco "won" the first game and Quinn barely eek'ed out the second game (by getting a spare in the 10th frame to pull back ahead at the last moment). As a qualifier I'll add that if the gutter guards had not been up Quinn would have won both games, but I'm not sure Quinn would have broken much more than fifty for either game in the process (and I'm not sure Franco would have broken 20 without the gutter guards, and 20 is being generous I think).

This might be the first time I've seen Quinn bowl where I was really thinking he was starting to get it. He started holding the ball correctly and was even rolling it in the proper manner (even though a lot of the time when he let it go it would go off towards the gutter, so he still needs to work on the aiming aspect).

Catherine on the other hand proved she's genetically related to Ginger's family by deciding she wanted her activity with Ginger to be going out to eat for lunch at P.F. Chang's.

Later in the evening Ginger attended another one of her stamping night get togethers (you can see the cards she made in the photo above). While she was gone Ben came over and I've found one redeeming quality to the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game and that's the two player duel mode. Even the dual mode has some of the game play issues present in the story portion (specifically with limitations of moment based on the camera), but overall the dueling is pretty entertaining. I felt like I was taking advantage of Ben a bit since I've played through some of the story mode and I at least knew what most of the special moves are (even if I'm unable to accurately perform them as often as I would like).

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