Monday, August 18, 2008

Zelda And Allergies

And finally now I can regain some of my free time. I've finished Zelda. I know, you're thinking, but you already finished that game a long time ago. And I did finish Zelda: Twilight Princess. However, I just finished The Legend of Zelda: The Windwalker. It was the Zelda game for the Gamecube, so it's a bit older. Back in the day when it actually came out I had started playing it on the gamecube, but about halfway through the game (or what I thought was halfway through, in reality I was probably only about a 1/4 or less of the way through) my memory cartridge containing my save game got corrupted. At the time I didn't feel like redoing everything so the game languished, but while we were on vacation at the beach I went ahead and started playing it again.

The graphics leave a bit to be desired in this day and age, but I do like the fact that the Wii is backward compatible with Gamecube games, so I can play all my old Gamecube games on the Wii (which makes me wonder why I still have the Gamecube at all).

You spend a lot of time with the "Windwalker" conducting music. It's how you can the way the wind blows. You also spend an inordinate amount of time sailing. The game takes place on an ocean world that exists within a 7x7 grid where each grid has an island in it. Sailing from place to place gets tedious at times (luckily later in the game you can short cut to a couple of prepicked places). I didn't find anything in the game overly hard, and there were only a couple of areas where you really had to think to get past. The "bosses" were very easy to beat (especially the ones I had beat previously) and only the last boss fight was challenging (partly because it goes on for so long). As with most Zelda games in addition to the main plot there are a plethora of side quests you can embark on. Overall the game is an entertaining timesink if nothing else.

And it's a really good thing that I finished too, because I wasn't going to be playing it tonight. You see the kids are sleeping in the basement in the room where the Wii is tonight, so that means no game playing on the Wii for me. Why are they down there you ask? Would you believe the heat pump is on the fritz so the upstairs is hotter than normal. I personally don't think it's that hot, but it's also almost seven hours after the kids go bed, and it was a tad warmer upstairs then. Yep, so we had the repair guys out again today, and this time it's the compressor outside the house. And they just replaced that three years ago (it broke the first summer we were in this house). They didn't have the parts to replace it today, so they'll be coming out tomorrow to finish the job. At this point I'm considering renting out the guest room to them since they've been out here so much recently. This is putting a major crimp in our plans since I believe Ginger was planning on leaving for Richmond tomorrow, but now she's going to have to be here while they're replacing the compressor.

And on top of all that Catherine had her allergy test today. Sadly she's still allergic to peanuts. I feel bad for her since in order to do they test they prick a spot on her back until it bleeds and then introduce the allergen to examine what the response will be. This means she ended up with about 21 pricks on her back throughout the entire test. There's a long list of things she's allergic to including peanut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, sesame seed, crab, lobster, cats and dust mites. Ginger said the peanut reaction was by far the worst though. We had already been avoiding nuts in general, and it appears now that was a good decision and one we'll have to continue doing.


gaz said...

poor catherine. does that make it difficult for you guys with regard to mealtimes, as so many things 'may contain traces of nuts'?

i played windwalker for about 2 hours then put it away... it bored the socks off me!

JamesF said...

Yea, I can see what you're saying about Windwalker. It's slow. Really slow. Of the last three console Zelda releases it's definitely the weakest link (pun somewhat intended).

I'm still amazed they incorporated photography into the game though. Nothing says exciting video game like taking virtual pictures.

JamesF said...

Oops, I skipped right over the question about the nuts and went straight to the video game portion. Imagine that.

Yes, Ginger's very very diligent about making sure any food in the house is completely nut free. And yes it really does limit what we're allowed to have in the house. We even end up having to order candy and stuff online from places like Vermont Nut Free (although I don't think she's ordered anything from them recently that I recall). And she researches a lot of places we eat out at online on checks other people's experiences at the forums at