Saturday, August 30, 2008

My First And Last Pool Visit Post (This Year)

How many times? How many time am I going to change the settings on the camera and then forget to set them back. Seriously, I want to know. A couple nights ago when taking pictures of old pictures I changed the EV value to -2 to try and reduce the amount of flash reflection that was showing up. Apparently I never reset it, so all the pictures I took today were at -2 EV, so they're all overly dark. A lot of the shots are going to look a tad odd due to me bumping up the contrast enough to get a picture that's even remotely viewable. One of the whole reason I wanted the D200 was because it has Custom Menu banks that save your settings, but it merely changes whatever you have the current bank set to, and you have to be working in a bank. And you can't write protect the banks (which just seems like a dumb decision on their part to me).

Anyway, on with today's pictures. Quinn went out and flew his hovercraft some more this morning. It also broke again, so after this latest flight I had to glue it back together again. It's just soft styrofoam so it break when it falls sometimes, and Quinn manages to get it pretty high before it falls (which means more breakage).

Since this is the last weekend prior to Labor Day we decided to hit the pool for what might be our last visit of the year. And this was my first visit to our pool all year. I can't believe the whole summer has come and gone and I've only made it to the pool with the kids once.

And you can tell they're near the end of the pool season (I believe it closes for good after Labor Day) because they've gotten really slack about cleaning it. There was a nasty layer of gnats over the top of the water in the shallow section. And I'm not talking about just one or two here or there. I was amazed how many there were. Ginger thinks they must have had the pool lights on at night and didn't skim the water this morning.

Despite how well Catherine is doing swimming (and I will add she's doing really well I think) I wasn't able to convince Ginger to let her go off the diving board solo.

After watching some of the Olympics Quinn has suddenly decided he wants to learn to dive. The problem is he seems highly resistant to actually entering the water head first. So this makes diving problematic at best.

He's got a semi nice form when he jumps a ways out, but since he won't go in head first he ends up landing flat on the water doing a massive belly flop.

After about four or five dives like this he decided he needed to sit out for a bit because "his stomach was hurting." And I was thinking to myself I bet it is.

I tried having him more or less fall off the board straight into the water just to get a feel for "how" to dive. But that still wasn't working. Eventually I held him up in the air by holding onto his feet and dropped him into the water. That sort of showed him what he was suppose to do, although he still never really went in correctly except for a couple times he came close with dives that ended up looking like the shot above. So it'll be another year before he gets to practice anymore.

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