Saturday, August 16, 2008

Biking Adventure

Today Quinn returned home. But before we went to get him we spent the morning with Catherine taking her out to McDonalds for breakfast. and then after breakfast Ginger and myself went with Catherine on a bike ride around our neighborhood. This meant putting air in all the tires since I don't think Ginger's bike has been used since before we moved into this house. Aside from the July 4th bike parade I think this was the first time Catherine's actually biked around the neighborhood without training wheels. At least it's the first time since then with me, I suppose it's entirely possible that she's been out with Ginger and Quinn during the day while I'be been stuck at work.

Catherine's still learning a bit on the bike and can start without help easily in our cul-de-sac, but sometimes has difficulty starting when on non level ground. So as one might expect during our bike ride there was a lot of crying and frustration sometimes when things got a bit tough. And Catherine complained a lot too (I'm just kidding, Ginger didn't complain at all). When she's concentrating really hard she'll have her tongue out (I think you can just notice it in the picture above).

We biked a good ways, first over to a park in our neighborhood, then to a local school in our area so Catherine could utilize the playground there. But by then Catherine was getting a bit hot from all the biking, so after a short time on that playground we headed home.

After lunch we drove to Potomac Mills to meet Grammy and Pop Pop and get Quinn. Somehow I dragged along. Which would have been fine except for multiple trips into the Chico's. Luckily I had the kids to keep me entertained while Ginger was looking for clothes since there's not much I hate more than just hanging around while Ginger looks for clothes (although it's been so long since I've had to do that, today wasn't that bad at all).

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